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About Us

Can-U Marketing operates Gourmet Grater in partnership with WCI. We are based in sunny Southern California. We, along with our sister company OMG in Rhode Island, have the exclusive North American rights to import handmade ceramic garlic graters from Spain.  Follow us on Facebook for Special Events and Offers by clicking HERE!!

La Provencale Garlic Grater was our original product and traces its roots back more than fifty years ago to Provence, France. We first brought these ceramic grating plates to the United States in 2008.   After our demand exceeded France's production, we began to work with Rupi in the Cordoba Province of Spain to make our Gourmet Graters.   Rupi has been been making ceramic garlic graters since 1980,  using  generations of family artisans and crafting some of the best ceramics in the world!

Please note that with any handmade item there will be inherent flaws by nature. These variations are normal and will not affect your item in any way other than by enhancing its aesthetics. 

Please be wary of machine made intimations, often missing their peeled off "Made in China Sticker."  These plaster pour molded single glaze replicas dull quickly, are not dishwasher safe, and use questionable glazes.  Our Gourmet Graters are not just "French Style" or "Italian Design," but are Made in Spain with lead free glazing and backed by our Five Year Warranty.

You will recognize us by our Gourmet Grater,  La Provencale Garlic Grater, or Rasca Ajo banners at various shows across North America including: