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Keeper / Roaster

Keeper / Roaster

Tired of only buying one bulb at a time, or buying multiple bulbs just to watch the green stems shoot up the top ruining your recipe (green stem growth indicates garlic is more acidic and bitter)?   Protect your bulbs from light, while allowing the optimal air flow to avoid a pungent kitchen and regulate humidity all while this ceramic canister keeps your favorite roots cool and fresh.  If you live where it ever gets dry, hot, cold, or humid ever, then you need these hand made in Spain Garlic Keepers.  Plus they double up as oven roasters!!!

At 5 1/4" Tall and 4 1/2" wide, expect to hold 5-7 bulbs, but it's great for shallots and ginger too!  They all stay fresher longer, and no transfer of flavors (always make clean slice on ginger prior to storing). 

Garlic Keeper / Roaster Instructions:

Pre-heat oven to 400.  While it’s heating up, peel excess outer skins of some bulbs making it easier to cut through the top 1/4 inch or so across bulb to expose the tops of all the cloves.  Make sure each clove still has its own little skin still intact.   Drizzle tops liberally with olive oil, and place cut bubs in the keeper / roaster.   Place ceramic lid on and oven roast for at least 30 min.  May take longer depending on size, and number of bulbs.  May take extra oil while roasting.  Some folks drizzle with melted butter and cook for a few last extra minutes.  Ideally, they come out golden brown or darker and become easy to spread.  Make sure to use pot holder when taking out to check!!!!   Enjoy!!

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